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2015 Schedule

Welcome to the Burlingame AYSO 2015 Fall Season


9/4/15 - U12 Boys Schedule has changed, number of game time slots have been moved.

9/9/15 - U14 (Boys and Girls) games on 9/26 have been finalized. U10 Girls - Teams 2, 3, 11, and 12 have time changes on 9/26.

10/16/15 - U12 Girls Schedule has changed, all of the game time slots have been moved, some are now at Cuernavaca.

Our Master schedule and the place to signup as a referee and to see standings is on http://www.mysoccerleague.com. Please note, that the MySoccerLeague schedule is the source of truth, that site is what is correct regardless of anything else posted here or on a team shutterfly site.

The 2015 Burlingame AYSO Soccer Schedule is also available online on our site here in two ways, by date per division and by team per division. Select the division and form you would like to view from the list below.

Also note the Division Specific Guidelines.

Burlingame Cup Shoot-Out Procedures

The schedules for U16/U19 are set by the AREA, please see your coach and the area schedule website at http://www.mysoccerleague.com for more information.

Boys Girls
By Date By Team By Date By Team
U05 BoysU05 BoysU05 GirlsU05 Girls
U06 BoysU06 BoysU06 GirlsU06 Girls
U07 BoysU07 BoysU07 GirlsU07 Girls
U08 BoysU08 BoysU08 GirlsU08 Girls
U10 BoysU10 BoysU10 GirlsU10 Girls
U12 BoysU12 BoysU12 GirlsU12 Girls
U14 BoysU14 BoysU14 GirlsU14 Girls

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